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VITAL WATER PLUS generate water improves blood circulation

If you want to improve your blood circulation, you must drink alkaline water.
Blood in healthy boxy is generally pH 7.4 which is alkaline status but this can be easily acidified by heavily eating meats or in persistent stress.

When blood is acidified, it will ruin homeostasis of your body.
If blood flows seamlessly through vessel, your body will get a normal metabolism, but if not due to viscous blood, it will cause various problems.

Viscous blood means that it becomes acidified by high fats and acidic body waste and thus gets higher viscosity. Actually many kinds of illness are caused by inefficient blood circulation.

Drinking alkaline water can revert acidized water to alkalinity and improve blood circulation.

Moreover, red blood cells with (+) electron at the surface pull in other red blood cells and are coupled one after another looking some sort of bugs (Photo blow: Before).  

Negative (-) hydrogen ion has one extra electron and gives it to acidized red blood cell, then it is reverted to neutral status. Then, the red blood cells losing polarity will be separated from one to another. (Photo below: After)

Those separated red blood cells can get through less than 5μ (μ= 1/1 million m) of capillary and body wastes can be easily discharged from body.

Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Reduced water generated by VITAL WATER PLUS purifies blood and removes the body waste.


Vital Water Plus generates water improves blood circulation

[10 minutes after drinking water generated by Vital Water Plus]


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