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VITAL WATER PLUS generate water containing full of energy

The earth has been made by natural power and powerful energy which secure quality of our life and health.

Natural powers such as gravity, magnetic force, sunlight, wind and more, help us make an environment with rich energy and electron and improve life of being and health.

The earth generates water with high energy by using power of disturbance movement and nature’s interaction. Magnetic field and far-infrared radiation help combine water elements and create hexagonal structured water.

The Vital Water Plus produces water containing high power of energy by using polarity of 5300 gauss magnet. The power of magnet and far-infrared radiation ceramic mimic nature’s energy generation process that produces hexagonal structured high energy water.

Kirlian Photography is a method to take a photo of invisible light energy by using the high frequency and flow of electron.

The below photos show the light energy of figure tip taken by Kirlian Photography before and after drinking water generated by Vital Water Plus.

You can clearly see that powerful energy was generated after drinking water produced via Vital Water Plus.


Vital Water Plus generates water containing full of energy


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