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VITAL WATER PLUS generates hexagonal structured water

In general, water exists in mixed form of pentagonal and hexagonal structures. When temperature is lower, the higher rate of hexagonal structure is formed.

In 10°C, portion of hexagonal structured water is 22%, 26% in 0°C, and in super-cooling status which is lower than -40°C, water forms fully hexagonal structured.

Dr. Won H. Kim explains the relationship between hexagonal structured water and cancer in his book as followings:

“The higher portion of hexagonal structured water gets more compact structure, and high compact water protects body from external irritation and disturbance.

Water around cancer cells has a higher portion of pentagonal structure. Indeed, we have identified that cancer cells cannot grow in water with a high portion of hexagonal structure according to the experiment as followings:

Culturing cancer cell in vitro using normal water, the number of cancer cells increased from 100 thousand to 3 million over 4 day, but when culturing hexagonal structured water containing calcium ion, it acts as a brake on increase, rather reducing it to 20 thousand.

Since cancer cells cannot grow in a high portion of hexagonal structured water, it has an anti-cancer effect and prevent adult diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.”

Run the VITAL WATER PLUS  for 10 minutes,
and you can enjoy hexagonal structured water in room temperature.

Vital Water Plus generates hexagonal structured water


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